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Ways To Enlarge My Penis

Welcome to the 'Ways To Enlarge My Penis' blog.

If you are concerned about the size of your penis and want to learn more about what is safe and what isn't to grow your penis to a larger size, you came to the right place. Ways To Enlarge My Penis tries to give you an unbiased account of what you should and should not do, and tips on what treatments and techniques will work best for you.

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Natural Penis Enlargement Technique

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Natural Penis Enlargement Technique by Michael James

Men are often too stressed and concerned about their penis' size to satisfy their partners and truly enjoy the moment when it comes to sex. Indeed most people assume that men are only concerned with satisfying themselves. For some reasons, it is believed that a larger penis can satisfy women more than than the smaller ones. This sex-related worry often leads to embarrassment and a lowering of self-confidence. But, does penis size really matter?

According to extensive private research, 75% of girls are dissatisfied of their boyfriends' manhood. It is easy to say that men should accept what they have, but it reality it is not so easy. Having sex is very simple; just a connection between a man and a woman's "hidden treasure" and the act is done. But sometimes the pieces don't always fit closely. The worst scenario is that your partner would complain that she couldn't feel you. Although she may not directly tell you how she feels about your penis size, but receiving such comment obviously leads to one thing; that you don't satisfy her. This is a big insult on your manhood, isn't it? You'll continue to feel like every woman doesn't want you. If you don't do anything about it, you'll continue to live the asexual life that all men dread. So if you want good sex without the anxiety and want to satisfy your partner, you must find a way to make that penis larger.

Different solutions on penis enlargement can be found in stores and online. They all have promising claims of effectiveness but really few work as described. One of the most popular penis enlargement solutions is penile augmentation surgery. Different techniques are used in penis enlargement surgery and it costs around $5000. Aside from being very expensive, the techniques used in penis enlargement surgery are pretty high risk and the safety and effectiveness of the procedures have not yet been fully established. A lot more research needs to be done to maximize reliability of this major treatment.

But don't be too concerned. There is another possible way to increase the size of your penis. I recommend natural penis enlargement technique as the perfect solution, a way cheaper than surgery, works fairly fast, is effective, has absolutely no side effects, and most of all it is risk-free.

About the Author

Michael James has written numerous articles about natural penis enlargement techniques. He recommends a natural and safe approach to growing your manhood.

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Do Not Live with a Small Penis

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Do Not live with a Small penis by Matt Spears

We live in a big world and desire for all things big and rich. In this kind of a world living with a small penis could be a torturous experience.

The ridicule that it follows could be more than enough to put a sane man on a track of self confinement and withdrawal. The psychological effects are extreme in this case as a man shies away from all kinds of physically intimate relationships. A woman could kill you with a single word, SMALL.

However, solutions and help is just a hand away in the present times. A large number of resources are available to enlarge penis in a safe, natural and effective way. These include penis enlargement extenders, exercises and pills. Though these resources are effective independently, their effect is enhanced when 2 or more of these resources are taken in combination for penis enlargement. For instance, pills and exercises or extender and exercises or extender, pills and exercises are highly potent combinations of penis enlargement resources.

Mantra of the day is do not despair. Find the right method and resources for enlarging your small penis and live a content life.

About the Author

Matt Spears advises on the top rated penis enlargement extenders, exercise programs and pills in his website


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Better Sex - Penis Enlargement

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Better Sex - Penis Enlargement by Mike

Did you know that using some simple exercises and techniques, it is possible to enlarge your penis. All you need are a few minutes a day, and the results last for a lifetime. It sounds impossible, but it really works! These techniques are completely natural - no pumps, pills, gadgets or surgery. All you need are your hands, and a bit of spare time!

We don't leave you in the dark about what the exercises are, or how to do them properly. We take you from beginning to end, adding up to four inches in length and girth. We also have a full staff to assist you at every stage of the process, and we offer a free consultation service that is usually valued at up to $100, in order to help you design a custom workout plan based on your needs.

Remember, your penis is like any other part of your body, in that it requires exercise to remain healthy and strong. Admittedly, the penis is not a muscle, but with our techniques, you can still increase the size, adding up to four inches guaranteed. What we provide is not the same worthless guide offered by other sites - our work is copyrighted, because it works. The same principles are at work, but our techniques are guaranteed to provide results.

Our guarantee to you is that you will get a thicker and longer penis. Our methods and techniques are constantly being updated as our full-time staff continue to research and develop new exercises.

Your penis can be longer and wider! Increase your size with completely natural exercises - no pumps, pills, surgery, or gadgets! Results in as little as two weeks, 100% proven and guaranteed! Over 150, 000 satisfied members, since 1996! Better Sex - Penis Enlargement

About the Author

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Naturally Increase Penis Size

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Naturally Increase Penis Size by Travis James

Hi, I'm Travis, and let me start by saying, I know you. Embarrassed, ashamed, and lacking confidence in not only the size of your business, but your abilities in the bedroom altogether. I've been there. And let me sympathize with you by saying, IT SUCKS. Not only that, but you've probably done some research looking for the miracle that is actually going to work for you. You've maybe even tried some pills or creams or miracle pumps or maybe even surgery. Nothing. Trust me brotha, I know how it feels. However, I do know how to get past it, so allow me to answer a few of your top questions about enlargement, and see if I can't just get you on the right track.

1.) Do Penis Enlargement pumps actually work?

--> well it depends on your definition of "work." If you mean "temporary results that fade after a few minutes," then yes. They work. However as far as a magical tube that you stick your penis into, yielding a giant new member goes, not a chance. You will see a small temporary gain, but nothing special and the risks far outweigh the reward. You risk bursting capillaries, getting Peyronie's disease, getting terrible blisters or even causing circulation problems. You already have problems, do you really need more for a tiny temporary gain? STAY AWAY from these.

2.) Can penis enlargement pills really make my penis grow?

--> Are you kidding me? Yes. The magic pill right next to the magic tube. These things are a hoax. Some of the herbs can increase blood flow to your penis, and maybe give you a stronger erection, but there is no chance that they will give you any concrete size gain that is worth the $300 you just dropped. Not to mention some of the ingredients are potentially harmful. Some to the point that the FDA actually warns against them! Again. Stay the hell away from these.

3.) How about hanging weights, can these reap a benefit?

--> Think of what you are doing. You are hanging heavy weights from your penis in a futile attempt to stretch or elongate it. Granted, there are reports of gains of UP TO one inch over a few years, but great. If you are having the kinds of problems that lead you to be reading about it, a painful inch over years as the best case scenario isn't good enough. Not only this, but consider the cons: you can lose your sex drive, stretch your penis out so it looks like a pencil, obtain stretch marks, cause ligament damage and even decrease your size if you do it too much. Again, another dud.

4.) So I have to shell out money for surgery?

--> Haha, not if i were you. Okay, blades? On your penis? Vasectomies still freak me out and you are going to fillet your penis to insert an inch or two. Good lord, you ARE desperate. Do not do this. Irreversible damage, recovery process, high failure rate. If you insist on trying one of these four things, this should be the one you immediately reject.

5.) Is there another way to naturally increase penis size?

--> Now you're talking. Think about it. Your penis is made up of tissue and muscle just like the rest of your body. If you want bigger biceps, what do you do? Do you get surgery? No. Do you pump it with a vacuum? No. You do some standing curls, some preacher curls and some chinups and eventually, if done right, your biceps will grow. We all know this. Now whoever decided that pills, pumps, surgeries, weights, creams and all this other crap were going to cause this muscle to grow has a serious mistake in judgment. It is simple. Logical. Exercise your penis. It will grow. Like any other exercise regimen though, it can be harmful if done incorrectly or excessively so make sure to consult a physician before you start exercising for "personal growth." Just use some common sense. Toss the pills, put your weights in the closet and tell your surgeon you won't be in today. Start a program and get the same results I did.

I hope this cleared up some of your questions and concerns, and i wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

About the Author

Travis James used to suffer from embarrassing "situations" on a frequent basis, but he learned how to naturally increase penis size, and also learned techniques to master all areas of love-making. If you are interested in learning more, please check out his site.


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